What our students are saying about the training.

All of the instructors helping teach the course did a wonderful job and each contributed a unique strategy to learning the 7 postures.

It was a very powerful experience for me.

I am truly appreciative of you sharing this technique with us.  It is wonderful to have this national community of adaptive tai chi instructors for veterans.  Thank you so much for helping us give this resource to veterans!

This was a great training experience, and I cannot wait to share with our Veterans.

Excellent platform, excellent instructors...I enjoyed all aspects of this training and can’t wait to do more in this platform for the future…Thanks to all of you and I look forward to more classes like this in the future.

This is one of the most memorable learning experiences of my life. Even when I was stressed and busy, I always felt better once class got started. It's motivated me to improve, and constantly seek additional opportunities with the adaptive Tai Chi and even other forms.

I liked that there were 2 trainers. 1 to do the teaching & 1 to watch & make corrections as necessary…the instructors were all very well educated in tai chi & how to teach it in simple form.

[I liked] the time taken to explore the mechanics of each posture.

I enjoyed everything!

I appreciate the welcoming atmosphere of the leaders and the ability to ask questions. It was a wonderful training.